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This product is a turnkey business website that comes with pre-loaded products of your choice from website. Your website is designed in line with one of our five themes shown below. The programme will offer you the opportunity to sell products you like that are listed on We do not make recommendations on which products you should sell or choose to sell from the website. We are simply assisting you to manage your inventory on your website and it is your decision as to who you want to do business with. You will also have access to some online training about how to manage your website. The fee is a twelve month fee and you can cancel any time. You also have the opportunity to pay a monthly fee. We will send you a form to tell us more about your business and provide us with logo, facebook page, twitter etc. The site is customisable to meet your needs. The banner on your home page can be customised and you will use your own payment ID with your merchants such as Paypal, 2checkout and Googlecheckout. Contact us via telephone, email or live chat with your questions so that our sales team can respond to you quickly.

In addition to your website, you will be getting the following:

1. Upload of up to 1000 products listed on 2. Free domain and hosting 3. Management of your products - upload, delete and amendments 4. Direct marketing tips - online

Features of our e-commerce websites

  • E-mail Marketing Tool & SEO Meta  Fields
  • Coupon Facilities
  • Three Payment Gateways & Shopping Cart - Paypal, 2checkout and Googlemerchant – (you collect you own money and pay us nothing)
  • Video Upload Facility
  • Logo Upload Facility For Corporate Branding
  • Color Management Facility
  • Customisable  Website & Access To Control Panel ( Contents Management System)
  • Bulk Product Update Facilities ( plus you add you own products)
  • Database For Mailing List
  • Multiple  Currencies
  • Multiple Language
  • Social Media Plugins
  • Free Domain and Hosting-  First year
  • Advance Product search Facility
  • Affiliate Marketing Facility To Build Your Sales Team

Sample Website Themes :








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